Loch Garda

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(Reguidit frae Loch o Garda)
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Lago di Garda
Lake Garda
Benacus creino.jpg
Nago–Torbole an the northren pairt o the loch
Location Northren Italy
Coordinates 45°38′N 10°40′E / 45.633°N 10.667°E / 45.633; 10.667Coordinates: 45°38′N 10°40′E / 45.633°N 10.667°E / 45.633; 10.667
Primary inflows Sarca
Primar ootflows Mincio
Catchment aurie 2,350 km²
Basin kintras Italy
Max. lenth 51.6 km
Max. weenth 16.7 km
Surface aurie 369.98 km²
Average deepth 136 m
Max. deepth 346 m
Watter vollum 50.35 km³
Residence time 26.8 years
Shore lenth1 158.4 km
Surface elevation 65 m
Islands 5 (Isola del Garda, Isola San Biagio)
Settlements see airticle
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

Loch Garda (Italian: Lago di Garda or Lago Benaco) is the lairgest loch in Italy.