Loch Titicaca

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Loch Titicaca
Lake Titicaca on the Andes from Bolivia.jpg
View of the loch from the loch's Isla del Sol
Coordinates15°45′S 69°25′W / 15.750°S 69.417°W / -15.750; -69.417Coordinates: 15°45′S 69°25′W / 15.750°S 69.417°W / -15.750; -69.417
TeepMuntain loch
Primary inflows27 rivers
Primar ootflowsDesaguadero River
Catchment aurie58,000 km2 (22,400 sq mi)[1]
Basin kintrasBolivie
Max. lenth190 km (118 mi)
Max. weenth80 km (50 mi)
Surface aurie8,372 km2 (3,232 sq mi)[1]
Average deepth107 m (351 ft)[1]
Max. deepth281 m (922 ft)[1]
Watter vollum893 km3 (214 cu mi)[1]
Residence time1343 years[1]
Shore lenth11,125 km (699 mi)[1]
Surface elevation3,812 m (12,507 ft)[1]
Islands42+ (see airticle)
Designatit26 August 1998
SettlementsCopacabana, Bolivie
Puno, Peru
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

Titicaca (in the hispanicized spellin) or Titiqaqa (in Aymara an Quechua) is a loch in the Andes on the border o Peru an Bolivie.

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