Loch Tanganyika

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Loch Tanganyika
STS51G-034-0012 Lake Tanganyika June1985.jpg
Loch Tanganyika frae space, Juin 1985
Lake Tanganyika map.png
Coordinates6°30′S 29°50′E / 6.500°S 29.833°E / -6.500; 29.833Coordinates: 6°30′S 29°50′E / 6.500°S 29.833°E / -6.500; 29.833
Loch teepRift Valley Lake
Primary inflowsRuzizi River
Malagarasi River
Kalambo River
Primar ootflowsLukuga River
Catchment aurie231,000 km2 (89,000 sq mi)
Basin kintrasBurundi
DR Congo
Max. lenth673 km (418 mi)
Max. weenth72 km (45 mi)
Surface aurie32,900 km2 (12,700 sq mi)
Average deepth570 m (1,870 ft)
Max. deepth1,470 m (4,820 ft)
Watter vollum18,900 km3 (4,500 cu mi)
Residence time5500 years[1]
Shore lenth11,828 km (1,136 mi)
Surface elevation773 m (2,536 ft)[2]
SettlementsKigoma, Tanzanie
Kalemie, DRC
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

Loch Tanganyika is an African Great Loch.

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