Loch Neuchâtel

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Loch Neuchâtel
Lac de Neuchâtel
Lac de neuchatel.jpg
Wi lochs Biel an Murten in the backgrund
Coordinates46°54′N 6°51′E / 46.900°N 6.850°E / 46.900; 6.850Coordinates: 46°54′N 6°51′E / 46.900°N 6.850°E / 46.900; 6.850
Primary inflowsThielle (Orbe River), Arnon, Areuse, Seyon, canal de la Sauge, Mentue
Primar ootflowscanal of Thielle
Catchment aurie2,670 km²
Basin kintrasSwisserland
Max. lenth38.3 km
Max. weenth8.2 km
Surface aurie218.3 km²
Average deepth64.2 m
Max. deepth152 m
Watter vollum13.77 km³
Residence time8.2 years
Surface elevation429 m
SettlementsNeuchâtel, Grandson, Yverdon, Estavayer-le-Lac

Loch Neuchâtel (French: Lac de Neuchâtel; German: Neuenburgersee) is a loch primarily in Romandy, Swisserland (French-speakin Swisserland).