Loch Malawi

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Loch Malawi / Loch Nyasa
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Coordinates12°11′S 34°22′E / 12.183°S 34.367°E / -12.183; 34.367Coordinates: 12°11′S 34°22′E / 12.183°S 34.367°E / -12.183; 34.367
Loch teepRift loch
Primary inflowsRuhuhu River[1]
Primar ootflowsShire River[1]
Basin kintrasMalawi, Mozambique, Tanzanie
Max. lenth560 km[1] tae 580[2]
Max. weenth75 km[1]
Surface aurie29,600 km2 (11,400 sq mi) [1]
Average deepth292 m[3]
Max. deepth706 m[3]
Watter vollum8,400 km³[3]
Surface elevation500 meters abuin sea level
IslandsLikoma an Chizumulu islets

Loch Malawi, an aa kent as Loch Nyasa in Tanzanie an Lago Niassa in Mozambique, is an African Great Loch an the soothrenmaist loch in the East African Rift seestem, locatit atween Malawi, Mozambique an Tanzanie.

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