Loch Lugano

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Loch Lugano
Lago di Lugano
Satellite image o the Loch Lugano
LocationTicino, Lombardy
Coordinates45°59′N 8°58′E / 45.983°N 8.967°E / 45.983; 8.967Coordinates: 45°59′N 8°58′E / 45.983°N 8.967°E / 45.983; 8.967
Primary inflowsVedeggio, Cassarate, Cuccio, Laveggio, Magliasina, Bolletta, Scairolo
Primar ootflowsTresa
Catchment aurie565.6 km2 (218.4 sq mi)
Basin kintrasSwisserland, Italy
Surface aurie48.7 km2 (18.8 sq mi)
Average deepth134 m (440 ft)
Max. deepth288 m (945 ft)
Watter vollum6.5 km3 (1.6 cu mi)
Residence time8.2 years
Surface elevation271 m (889 ft)
Sections/sub-basinsNorth basin, South basin, Ponte Tresa
SettlementsLugano, Melide, Campione d'Italia, Ponte Tresa

Loch Lugano (Italian: Lago di Lugano or Ceresio, frae Ceresius lacus) is a glacial loch which is situatit on the mairch atween soothren Swisserland an northren Italy.