Loch Leven Castle

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Loch Leven Castle
Castle Island, Loch Leven, near Kinross, Scotland
UK grid reference NO137017
Lochleven west wall.JPG
Keep an wast waw o the castle
Loch Leven Castle is located in Scotland
Loch Leven Castle
Loch Leven Castle
Coordinates56°12′N 3°23′W / 56.20°N 3.39°W / 56.20; -3.39
TeepTouer hoose an coortyard
Site information
OwnerHistoric Scotland
Controlled biDouglas o Lochleven
Open tae
the public
Site history
Biggit1300 CE
In useTill 17t century

Loch Leven Castle is a ruined castle on an island in Loch Leven, in the Perth an Kinross local authority aurie o Scotland. Possibly biggit aroond 1300, the castle wis the location o militar action durin the Wars o Scots Unthirldom (1296–1357). In the latter pairt o the 14t century, the castle wis grantit tae William Douglas, 1st Earl o Douglas bi his uncle, an remeened in Douglas' haunds for the neist 300 year. Mary, Queen o Scots wis imprisoned here in 1567–1568, an forced tae abdicate as queen, afore escapin wi her gaoler's faimily's help. In 1588, the Queen's gaoler inherited the teetle Earl o Morton, an muived awa frae the castle. It wis bocht, in 1675, by Sir William Bruce, wha uised the castle as a focal pynt in his gairden; it wis nivir again uised as a residence.

The day, the castle's remains is pertectit as a category A leetit biggin, in Historic Scotland's care. Loch Leven Castle is accessible in simmer bi the public via a ferry.