Loch Huron

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Loch Huron
Cairt o Loch Huron an the ither Great Lochs
LocationNorth Americae
GroupGreat Lochs
Coordinates44°48′N 82°24′W / 44.8°N 82.4°W / 44.8; -82.4Coordinates: 44°48′N 82°24′W / 44.8°N 82.4°W / 44.8; -82.4
Loch teepGlacial
Primary inflowsStraits of Mackinac, St. Marys River
Primar ootflowsSt. Clair River
Catchment aurie51,700 sq mi (134,100 km2)[1]
Basin kintrasUnitit States, Canadae
Max. lenth206 mi (332 km)[1]
Max. weenth183 mi (295 km)[1]
Surface aurie23,000 sq mi (59,600 km2)[1]
Average deepth195 ft (59 m)[1]
Max. deepth750 ft (229 m)[1]
Watter vollum850 cu mi (3,543 km3)[1]
Residence time22 years
Shore lenth11,850 mi (2,980 km) plus 1,980 mi (3,190 km) for islands[2]
Surface elevation577 ft (176 m)[1]
Sections/sub-basinsGeorgian Bay, North Channel
SettlementsBay City, Alpena, Cheboygan, St. Ignace, Port Huron in Michigan; Goderich, Sarnia in Ontario
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

Loch Huron (Inglis: Lake Huron, French: Lac Huron) is ane o the five Great Lochs o North Americae.

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