Loch Bolsena

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Loch Bolsena
Lago di Bolsena
Bolsena bw.jpg
Wideangle view
LocationProvince o Viterbo, Central Italy
Coordinates42°36′N 11°56′E / 42.600°N 11.933°E / 42.600; 11.933Coordinates: 42°36′N 11°56′E / 42.600°N 11.933°E / 42.600; 11.933
Teepcrater loch
Primary inflowsNone
Primar ootflowsMarta
Catchment aurie159.5 km2 (61.6 sq mi)[1]
Basin kintrasItaly
Max. lenth13 km (8.1 mi)[2]
Max. weenth11 km (6.8 mi)
Surface aurie113.5 km2 (43.8 sq mi)[1]
Average deepth81 m (266 ft)
Max. deepth151 m (495 ft)
Watter vollum9.2 km3 (3.2×1011 cu ft)
Residence time121 years[3]
Surface elevation305 m (1,001 ft)
Islands2 (Bisentina, Martana)
Settlementssee airticle
Referencessee airticle

Loch Bolsena (Italian: Lago di Bolsena) is a crater loch o central Italy.

Comuni borderin the loch[eedit | eedit soorce]

The follaein comuni are situatit on the shore o Loch Bolsena:

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