Lloyds Banking Group

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Lloyds Banking Group plc
Public leemitit company
Treddit as LSELLOY
FTSE 100 Component
Industrie Banking
Financial services
Foondit 1995; 24 years ago (1995)
(Lloyds TSB Group)
Aurie served
Key fowk
Laird Blackwell
António Horta Osório
(Group Chief Executive)
Products Retail bankin
Commercial banking
Preevat bankin
General insurance
Life insurance
Investment bankin
Revenue £39.611 billion (2016)[1]
£4.238 billion (2016)[1]
£2.514 billion (2016)[1]
Tot assets £817.793 billion (2016)[1]
Tot equity £43.020 billion (2016)[1]
Nummer o employees
75,000 (2017)[2]
Subsidiaries Lloyds Bank plc
Bank of Scotland plc
Scottish Widows
Lloyds Development Capital
Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
Black Horse
Lex Autolease
Wabsteid www.lloydsbankinggroup.com

Lloyds Banking Group plc is a major Breetish financial institution formed throu the acquiseetion o HBOS bi Lloyds TSB in 2009.

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