Liu Ziye

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Liu Ziye
Emperor o Liu Song
Ring12 Julie 464 – 1 Januar 466
PredecessorEmperor Xiaowu
SuccessorEmperor Ming
Born25 Februar 449
Dee'd1 Januar 466(466-01-01) (aged 16)
ConsortsEmpress Xian
Leddy Lu
Full name
Faimily name: Liu (劉; liú)
Given name: Ziye (子業, zǐ yè)
Era dates
Yongguang (永光; 465)
Jinghe (景和; 465)
Posthumous name
Short: Emperor Fei (廢帝)
Full: Emperor Qianfei (前廢帝)
FaitherEmperor Xiaowu
MitherEmpress Wenmu

Umwhile Deposed Emperor o Liu Song or Emperor Qianfei ((劉)宋前廢帝) (25 Februar 449 – 1 Januar 466), personal name Liu Ziye (劉子業), nickname Fashi (法師), wis an emperor o the Cheenese dynasty Liu Song. His brief ring as a teenager wis kent for his veeolent an impulsive acts, includin the slauchter o mony heich-level offeecials an his sexually immoral behaviour.