Emperor Gaozu o Han

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(Reguidit frae Liu Bang)
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This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Liu.
Emperor Gaozu o Han
A portrait o Emperor Gaozu in a fresco
Emperor o Cheenae
Ring 28 Februar 202 BC – 1 Juin 195 BC
Successor Emperor Hui o Han
Keeng o Han (漢王)
Ring Mairch 206 BC – 28 Februar 202 BC
Born 256 BC[1] or 247 BC[2]
Feng Coonty, Jiangsu[3]
Dee'd 1 June 195 BC
(aged 60-61 / 51–52)
Xi'an, Shaanxi
Full name
Faimily name: Liu (劉)
Gien name: Bang (邦)
Coortesy name: Ji (季)
Posthumous name
Emperor Gao (高皇帝)
Temple name
Taizu (太祖)[4]
Gaozu (高祖)[5]
Hoose Hoose o Liu
Faither Liu Taigong
Mither Liu Ao
Emperor Gaozu o Han
Tradeetional Cheenese 漢高祖
Simplifee'd Cheenese 汉高祖
Leeteral meanin "Heich Auncestor o Han"
Liu Bang
(personal name)
Tradeetional Cheenese 劉邦
Simplifee'd Cheenese 刘邦

Emperor Gaozu o Han (Cheenese: 漢高祖; 256 BC – Juin 1, 195 BC), born Liu Bang (Cheenese: 劉邦), wis the foonder an first emperor o the Han dynasty, ringin frae 202 – 195 BC. He wis ane o the few dynasty foonders in Cheenese history wha rose frae hummle oreegins as a member o the paisant cless.[6]

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  4. Taizu, meanin "grand auncestor", wis apparently Liu Bang's oreeginal temple name acause "Taizu", in auncient Cheenese tradeetions datin back tae the Shang dynasty, wis the temple name o the foonder o a dynasty.
  5. Sima Qian referred tae Liu Bang as "Gaozu", meanin "heich auncestor" in the Records o the Grand Historian. It is nae clear why Sima Qian uised "Gaozu" insteid o "Taizu". Historians efter Sima Qian eften used "Emperor Gaozu o Han" tae refer tae Liu Bang. "Emperor Gaozu o Han" remeens the maist commonly uised teetle tae refer tae Liu Bang in modren Cheenae.
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