Listed Churches in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galloway

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St Sophia's Church, Galston Ayrshire - view frae the nor west, Category B.

This is ae leet o the "Listed" church buildings in the Catholic Diocese o Gallowa. The date, name o airchitect whaur kent, an category ur gien.[1]

The Roman Catholic Diocese o Galloway (Latin Dioecesis Candidae Casae o Gallovidianus) is an ecclesiastical territory or diocese o the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland. [1]

Ayr, Good Shepherd Cathedral. John Torry, 1955-57. C(S)

Ayr, St Margaret's Cathedral. 1826-27. B

Annan, St Columba. 1834. B

Ardrossan, St Peter-in-Chains. Gillespie Kidd & Coia. 1938. A

Beith, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. 1816. C(S)

Castle Douglas, St John the Evangelist. George Goldie, 1867. C(S)

Cumnock, St John, William Burges, 1881-82. B

Dalbeattie, St Peter, 1814; tower 1854. B

Dalry, St Palladius, Robert Snodgrass, 1851. B

Dumfries, St Andrew, Marmaduke Maxwell of Terregles, 1843; towers of old Cathedral: John H Bell & Alexander Fraser, 1858. B

Galston, St Sophia, Sir Robert Rowand Anderson, 1886. B

Kilmarnock, St Joseph, 1847. B

Lockerbie, Holy Trinity, c.1874-75. B

Maybole, Our Lady and St Cuthbert, 1876-78. B

New Abbey, St Mary, Walter Newall, c.1824. B

Newton Stewart, Our Lady and St Ninian, Goldie & Childe, 1876; Charles W Gray, 1973. B

Troon, Our Lady of the Assumption and St Meddan, Reginald Fairlie, 1909-11. A. Presbytery, Reginald Fairlie, 1914. B

Whithorn, St Martin and St Ninian, Harry Stuart Goodhart-Rendel, 1959-60. C

Wigtown, Sacred Heart, John George Garden Brown, 1879. C(S)

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Former Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Ayr
St Margaret's Cathedral, Ayr
St Columba RC Church, Annan
St Peter in Chains , Ardrosssn
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Beith
Castle Douglas, St John the Evangelist

Church of St. John, Cumnock, Ayrshire
St Palladius, Aitken Street, Dalry

St Peter's Catholic Church, Dawbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire
St Andrew's Catholic Cathedral, Dumfries
Saint Sophia's church, Galston, Ayrshire
St Joseph's Catholic Church, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire,
Our Lady and St Cuthbert Catholic Church, Maybole, Ayrshire

Our Lady and St Ninian, Newton Stewart

The Catholic Church o Our Lady of the Assumption an St Meddan, Troon
St Martin and St Ninian Catholic Church Whithorn, Wigtounshire consecratit 1960
Wigtown, Sacred Heart, John George Garden Brown, 1879. C(S)

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