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Nae tae be confused wi Lisbon.
Irish Linen Centre Lisburn Museum.jpg
Irish Linen Museum and Christ Church Cathedral
Lisburn is locatit in Northern Ireland
Lisburn shawn within Northren Ireland
Population 120,465 surroondin auries
• Belfast 8 miles
Kintra Northren Ireland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun LISBURN
Postcode destrict BT27
Diallin code 028
Polis Northren Ireland
Fire Northren Ireland
Ambulance Northren Ireland
EU Pairlament Northren Ireland
UK Pairlament
NI Assembly
List of places
Northren Ireland
54°30′43″N 6°01′52″W / 54.512°N 6.031°W / 54.512; -6.031Coordinates: 54°30′43″N 6°01′52″W / 54.512°N 6.031°W / 54.512; -6.031

Lisburn (/ˈlɪz.bərn/ or /ˈlɪs.bərn/; prob. frae Erse: Lios, meanin "fort" + Scots burn, meanin "stream"; "fort o the stream"[2]) is a ceety in Northren Ireland. It is 8 mi (13 km) soothwast o Belfast ceety centre, on the River Lagan, which fuirms the boondar atween Coonty Antrim an Coonty Doun. Lisburn is pairt o the Belfast Metropolitan Aurie. It haed a population o 71,465[3] fowk in the 2011 Census.[4]

Umwhile a burgh, Lisburn wis grantit ceety status in 2002 as pairt o Queen Elizabeth II's Golden jubilee celebrations. It is the third-lairgest ceety in Northren Ireland. Lisburn is ane o the constituent ceeties that mak up the Dublin-Belfast corridor region which haes a population o juist unner 3 million.

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