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Irish Linen Centre Lisburn Museum.jpg
Irish Linen Museum and Christ Church Cathedral
Lisburn is located in the Unitit Kinrick
Location within the United Kingdom
Population120,465 surroondin auries
• Belfast8 miles
KintraNorthren Ireland
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounLISBURN
Postcode destrictBT27
Diallin code028
FireNorthren Ireland
AmbulanceNorthren Ireland
EU PairlamentNorthren Ireland
UK Pairlament
NI Assemmly
Leet o places
Northren Ireland
54°30′43″N 6°01′52″W / 54.512°N 6.031°W / 54.512; -6.031Coordinates: 54°30′43″N 6°01′52″W / 54.512°N 6.031°W / 54.512; -6.031

Lisburn (/ˈlɪz.bərn/ or /ˈlɪs.bərn/; prob. frae Erse: Lios, meanin "fort" + Scots burn, meanin "stream"; "fort o the stream"[2]) is a ceety in Northren Ireland. It is 8 mi (13 km) soothwast o Belfast ceety centre, on the River Lagan, which fuirms the boondar atween Coonty Antrim an Coonty Doun. Lisburn is pairt o the Belfast Metropolitan Aurie. It haed a population o 71,465[3] fowk in the 2011 Census.[4]

Umwhile a burgh, Lisburn wis grantit ceety status in 2002 as pairt o Queen Elizabeth II's Golden jubilee celebrations. It is the third-lairgest ceety in Northren Ireland. Lisburn is ane o the constituent ceeties that mak up the Dublin-Belfast corridor region which haes a population o juist unner 3 million.

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