Liquid-creestal display

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Reflective twistit nematic liquid creestal display.
  1. Polarisin filter film wi a vertical axis tae polarise licht as it enters.
  2. Gless substrate wi ITO electrodes. The shapes o thir electrodes will determine the shapes that will appear whan the LCD is switched ON. Vertical ridges etched on the surface are smuith.
  3. Twistit nematic liquid crystal.
  4. Gless substrate wi common electrode film (ITO) wi horizontal ridges tae line up wi the horizontal filter.
  5. Polarisin filter film wi a horizontal axis tae block/pass licht.
  6. Reflective surface tae send licht back tae viewer. (In a backlit LCD, this layer is replaced wi a licht soorce.)

A liquid-creestal display (LCD) is a flat-panel display or ither electronically modulatit optical device that uises the licht-modulatin properties o liquid creestals.