Linares, Nuevo León

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Municipality an ceety
Linares is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 24°51′36″N 99°34′00″W / 24.86000°N 99.56667°W / 24.86000; -99.56667
Kintra Mexico
StateNuevo León
 • Total56,065

Linares is a sma ceety in the state o Nuevo León, Mexico. The ceety serves as the administrative centre for the surroondin municipality o the same name an it is the lairgest urban centre o the so-cried "orange belt" region. The ceety haed a 2005 census population o 56,065, while the municipality's population wis 71,061. The ceety an the municipality baith rank tent in population in the state. The municipality haes an aurie o 2,445.2 km² (944.1 sq mi) an lees in the east-sootheast pairt o the state on the border wi the state o Tamaulipas. The municipality o Hualahuises is an enclave o Linares municipality.

It wis foondit on 2 Aprile 1712 bi Sebastián Villegas Cumplido an namit in honour o the servin Viceroy o New Spain, Fernando de Alencastre Norona y Silva, Duke o Linares.

Linares haes a sma industrial pairk an is well-connectit tae baith Monterrey an the Guwf o Mexico via a modren heich-gate. It is the main gatewey tae the sooth o the state an aw.

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