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C9H10O2, C10H12O3, C11H14O4
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Lignin or lignen is a complex polymer o aromatic alcohols kent as monolignols. It is maist commonly derived frae wid, an is an integral pairt o the seicontary cell waws o plants[1] an some algae.[2] The term wis introduced in 1819 bi de Candolle an is derived frae the Latin wird lignum,[3] meanin wid. It is ane o the maist abundant organic polymers on Yird, exceedit anly bi cellulose, employin 30% o non-fossil organic carbon,[4] an constitutin frae a quarter tae a third o the dry mass o wid. As a biopolymer, lignin is unuisual acause o its heterogeneity an lack o a defined primary structure. Its maist commonly notit function is the support through strengthening o wid (xylem cells) in trees.[5][6][7]

Global production o lignin is aroond 1.1 million metric tons per year an is uised in a wide range o law volume, niche applications whaur the form but nae the quality is important.[8]

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