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SynonymsField fiver,[1] ratton catcher's yellaes,[2] pretibial fiver[3]
Leptospirosis darkfield.jpg
Leptospira magnifee'd 200-fauld wi daurk-field microscope
SpecialtyInfectious disease
SymptomsNane, heidaches, muscle pynes, fivers[4]
ComplicationsBleedin frae the lungs, meningitis, neer failyie[4][5]
CausesLeptospira teepically spread bi rodents[4][6]
Diagnostic methodTestin bluid for antibouks against the bacterium or its DNA[7]
Seemilar condeetionsMalaria, enteric fiver, rickettsiosis, dengue[8]
TreatmentDoxycycline, penicillin, ceftriaxone[4]
Frequency~8.5 million fowk per year[9]

Leptospirosis is an infection caused bi corkscrew-shaped bacteria cried Leptospira.[4] Signs an symptoms can range frae none tae mild sic as headaches, muscle pynes, an fivers; tae severe wi bleedin frae the lungs or meningitis.[4][5] If the infection causes the person tae turn yellae, hae neer failyie an bleedin, it is then kent as Weil's disease.[5] If it an aa causes bleedin intae the lungs then it is kent as severe pulmonary hemorrhage syndrome.[5]

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