Leopold von Ranke

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Leopold von Ranke
Jebens, Adolf - Leopold von Ranke (detail) - 1875.jpg
Portrait o Leopold von Ranke, bi Adolf Jebens, 1875
Born21 December 1795(1795-12-21)
Wiehe, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire
Died23 Mey 1886(1886-05-23) (aged 90)
Berlin, German Empire
Alma materVarsity o Leipzig
Scientific career
InstitutionsVarsity o Berlin

Leopold von Ranke (21 December 1795 – 23 Mey 1886) wis a German historian[1][2] an a foonder o modren soorce-based history.[3][4] Accordin tae Caroline Hoefferle, "Ranke wis probably the maist important historian tae shape [the] historical profession as it emerged in Europe an the Unitit States in the late 19t century."[5] He wis able tae implement the seminar teachin method in his clessruim an focused on airchival resairch an analysis o historical documents. Biggin on the methods o the Göttingen Schuil o History,[6] Ranke set the staundarts for much o later historical writin, introducin such ideas as reliance on primar soorces (empiricism), an emphasis on narrative history an especially internaitional politics (Außenpolitik).

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