Leonidas I

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Leonidas I
Keeng o Sparta
Ring 489–480 BC
Predecessor Cleomenes I
Successor Pleistarchus
Born c. 540 BC
Dee'd 480 BC (aged aroond 60)
Consort Gorgo
Issue Pleistarchus
Greek Λεωνίδας
Hoose Agiad
Faither Anaxandridas II
Mither Unkent
Releegion Greek Polytheism

Leonidas I (/lˈɒn..dəs/ lee-ON-i-dəs or /l.əˈn.dəs/; Doric: Λεωνίδας [leɔːnídas], [Leōnidas] error: {{lang}}: unrecognized variant: latin (help); Ionic Greek: Λεωνίδης, Leōnidēs; died 480 BC),[1] wis a Greek warrior keeng o the Greek ceety-state o Sparta. He led the Spartan forces during the Seicont Persie War an is remembered for his daith at the Battle o Thermopylae.

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