Leonid Kantorovich

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Leonid Kantorovich
Leonid Kantorovich 1975.jpg
Leonid Kantorovich in 1975
Born 19 Januar 1912(1912-01-19)
Saunt Petersburg, Roushie Empire
Died 7 Apryle 1986(1986-04-07) (aged 74)
Moscow, Roushie, USSR
Naitionality Soviet
Alma mater Leningrad State Varsity
Kent for Linear programmin
Kantorovich theorem
normed vector lattice (Kantorovich space)
Kantorovich metric
Kantorovich inequality
approximation theory
iterative methods
functional analysis
numerical analysis
scienteefic computin
Awairds Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (1975)
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Doctoral advisor Grigorii Fichtenholz
Vladimir Smirnov
Doctoral students Svetlozar Rachev
Academic career
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Leonid Vitaliyevich Kantorovich (Roushie: Леони́д Вита́льевич Канторо́вич) (19 Januar 1912 – 7 Aprile 1986) wis a Soviet mathematician an economist, kent for his theory an development o techniques for the optimal allocation o resoorces. He is regairdit as the foonder o linear programmin. He wis the winner o the Stalin Prize in 1949 an the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1975.