Leon Battista Alberti

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Leon Battista Alberti
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Born Leon Battista Alberti
14 Februar 1404(1404-02-14)
Genoa, Italy
Died 25 Apryle 1472(1472-04-25) (aged 68)
Roum, Italy
Naitionality Italian
Kent for Airchitectur, Lingueestics, Poetry
Notable wirk(s) Tempio Malatestiano, Palazzo Rucellai, Santa Maria Novella
Muivement Italian Renaissance

Leon Battista Alberti (Italian pronunciation: [leˈom batˈtista alˈbɛrti]; Februar 14, 1404 – Aprile 25, 1472) wis an Italian humanist author, airtist, airchitect, poet, priest, linguist, filosofer an cryptografer; he epitomised the Renaissance Man.