Leo VI the Wise

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Leo VI
Λέων ΣΤ΄
Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Detail of the Imperial Gate mosaic in Hagia Sophia showing Leo VI the Wise.jpg
A mosaic in Hagia Sophia shawin Leo VI payin homage tae Christ
Ring29 August 886 – 11 Mey 912
Coronation870 as co-emperor[1]
PredecessorBasil I
Born19 September 866(866-09-19)
Dee'd11 Mey 912(912-05-11) (aged 45)
BuirialKirk o the Haly Apostles, Constantinople
IssueEudokia, Anna, Anna, Basil, Constantine VII
Full name
Leo VI "the Wise" or "the Philosopher"
FaitherBasil I or possibly Michael III
MitherEudokia Ingerina

Leo VI, surnamed the Wise or the Philosopher (Greek: Λέων ΣΤ΄ ὁ Σοφός, Leōn VI ho Sophos, 19 September 866 – 11 Mey 912), wis Byzantine Emperor frae 886 tae 912.

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