Leo IV the Khazar

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Leo IV
Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Leo iv constantine vi coin.jpg
Gowd solidus o Leo IV an his son Constantine VI (obverse), wi busts o his grandfaither Leo III the Isaurian an his faither Constantine V in the reverse
Ring25 Mairch 775 – 18 Juin 780
PredecessorConstantine V
SuccessorConstantine VI
Born25 Januar 750
Dee'd8 September 780 (aged 30)
IssueConstantine VI
DynastyIsaurian Dynasty
FaitherConstantine V
MitherTzitzak (Irene o Khazaria)

Leo IV the Khazar (Greek: Λέων Δ΄ ὁ Χάζαρος, Leōn IV ho Khazaros) (25 Januar 750 – 8 September 780) wis Byzantine Emperor frae 775 tae 780 AD.