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Lemkos (Lemko: Лемкы, Lemkŷ; Ukrainian: Лемки, Lemky; Pols: Łemkowie; sing. Лемко, Lemko) ar an ethnic gruip bidin Lemkivshchyna, an airt o Transcarpathia (spannin Ukraine, Slovakie an Poland).

Thair connection wi ither ethnicities is controversial, awtho individual Lemkos uisually cry thaimsels a sub-gruip o Rusyns an/or Ukrainians. Ither ethnic gruips identifeein as Rusyn an/or Ukrainian include the Boykos an Hutsuls. Memmers o these gruips hae increasinly rejectit offeecial ethnic designations sic as Verkhovyntsi (Highlanders), an/or as a sub-gruips o Ukrainets (ethnic Ukrainian), in favour o the Rusyn identity; a trend that cin be seen in offeecial census statistics in Slovakie.[1][nae in citation given]

The leid o the Lemkos, whilk haes the code o rue unner ISO 639-3, haes been variously descrived as a leid in its ain richt, a byleid o Rusyn or a byleid o Ukrainian. In Ukraine, awmaist aw Lemkos spik baith Lemko an staundart Ukrainian (accordin tae the 2001 Ukrainian Census). Ukraine (unalike neebourin kintras) denees Lemkos separate ethnic an linguistic status. In the Polish Census o 2011, 11,000 fowk ledged Lemko nationality, o that 6,000 ledged ainly Lemko nationality, 4,000 ledged double national identity – Lemko-Polish, an 1,000 declared Lemko identity thegither wi a non-Polish identity.[2]

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