Leets o twin touns an sister ceeties

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This is a leet o "twin touns" or "sister ceeties" — that is, pairs o touns or ceeties in different kintras which hae toun twinnin arrangements. Whaur kent, the date o formation o the twinnin agreement is included in parentheses.

Note that the leet is likely tae always remain incomplete, syne no canonical leet o sic arrangements exists; even those touns that are listit mey well hae arrangements which are nae listit here. Houiver, a searchable, interactive leet is tae be postit bi Sister Ceeties Internaitional. Note an aa that ony twinnin arrangement should be listit at twa locations in the leet: ance for each o the touns involved in the arrangement.

Due tae the extreme size o this leet an for ease o navigation, the leet is dividit intae several separate leets bi continent, which are then organized bi kintra, an in some cases (whaur thare are a lairge nummer o twinnins tae leet) bi an appropriate sub-diveesion o the kintra (e.g. the UK is dividit bi ceremonial coonty). Leets for some kintras hae in turn been moved tae separate leets, which are linked individually ablo.

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