Leet o ceeties an touns in Brunei

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Cairt o Brunei

Offeecially, thare are na locations within Brunei that hae "ceety" status. The suburban auries in Brunei Darussalam are dividit intae kampongs, or veelages. These mey be admeenistered bi either a veelage cooncil presidit bi a veelage heid (Ketua Kampong), or bi a municipal cooncil (Lembaga Bandaran). Those govrened by a municipal cooncil are termed touns.

Thare are three municipal cooncils in Brunei, an these admeenister fower touns.

  • Bandar Seri Begawan (Pop. ~181,500, Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Cooncil)
  • Kuala Belait (Pop. ~33,067,[1] Kuala Belait/Seria Municipal Cooncil)
  • Seria (Pop. ~13,093,[1] Kuala Belait/Seria Municipal Cooncil)
  • Tutong (Pop. ~27,500, Tutong Municipal Cooncil)

Ither locations within Brunei

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