Leet o Soilwork baund members

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This is a comprehensive leet o Soilwork's memmers.

Current memmers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Name Instrument Membership Addeetional information
Björn "Speed" Strid vocals 1995–present The lead sangster for baunds Terror 2000 an Coldseed an aw, an on Darkane's demo an Disarmonia Mundi's albums Fragments of D-Generation an Mind Tricks. Guest appearance on Zero Tolerance's "Prime Time Mind Surgery" in late 2006.
Sylvain Coudret guitar 2008–present Session guitarist durin 2008 simmer festivals. Offeecially jynt Soilwork as a permanent member on 18 September 2008, plays in French daith metal baund Scarve an aw.
Ola Flink bass 1998–present Previously bass player o the baund Hatelight
Sven Karlsson keybuirds 2001–present Played keybuirds an synthesizer for Evergrey
Dirk Verbeuren drums 2005-present Plays drums for French daith metal group Scarve an haes providit session drums an aw, on Sybreed's seicont album Antares an for Belgian baund Aborted, appearin on at least ane album an an EP release.

Umwhile memmers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Name Instrument Membership Addeetional information
Ola Frenning guitar 1998–2008 Left due tae tour exhaustion an muisical differences.
Peter Wichers guitar 1995–2005, 2008-2012 Initially left the baund on 11 December 2005. Focused on production durin 3-year absence, see an aw Out of the Dark. Rejoined Soilwork on 18 September 2008. On 26 Juin 2012, Soilwork released a statement that Peter haed left for a seicont time, due tae "creative differences".
Daniel Antonsson guitar 2006–2008 Guitarist for melodic daith metal baund Dimension Zero progresive thrash metal band Pathos, current bassist for Dark Tranquillity an aw.
Ludvig Svartz guitar 1995-1998
Jimmy Persson drums 1995–1998
Henry Ranta drums 1998–2003
Carlos Del Olmo Holmberg keybuirds 1998-2001
Carl-Gustav Döös bass 1995-1997 Awtho wi the baund initially, he quit afore the recordin o the demo, leavin guitarist Peter Wichers tae haundle the bass tracks as well.
Mattias Svensson guitar 1995-1997 Left the baund efter the demo, later jynt A Deeds Pride an Kayser.

Session memmers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Name Instrument Membership Addeetional information
Richard Evensand drums 2003–2004 Filled in on tours atween Henry Ranta's departure in 2003 an Dirk Verbeuren's arrival in 2004. He haes performed wi sic baunds as Therion, Demonoid an, efter fillin in on the tours, Chimaira (for a short stint).
Andreas Holma guitar 2006 Filled in on UK tour '06 efter Peter Wichers's departure
David Andersson guitar 2006 Filled in on North American tour '06 efter Peter Wichers's departure

Guest muisickers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Name Contreibution Baund Addeetional information
Mikael Åkerfeldt guest vocals Opeth Vocals on "A Predator's Portrait."
Mattias Eklundh guitar Freak Kitchen Frequent guest on the first three albums, daein a solo on each album. He providit solos on "Machinegun Majesty," "Wings of Domain," an "Needlefeast." An aw played lead guitar on "No More Angels."
Eskil Simonsson sangwritin Covenant Provided samples for "Grand Failure Anthem."
Jens Broman songwritin, guest vocals Construcdead, The Defaced, Hatelight, Darkane Helped write "Like the Average Stalker," "Needlefeast," "Neurotica Rampage," an "Shadowchild." Guest vocals on "Figure Number Five."
Devin Townsend guest vocals The Devin Townsend Band, Strapping Young Lad Guest vocals on "Black Star Deceiver" an "Soilworker's Song of the Damned."
Richard Larsson tambourine Orphan Gypsy, Skyride, Sabaton Tambourine on "Brickwalker."