Leeberal Pairty (UK)

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Leeberal Pairty
Foondit 9 Juin 1859
Dissolved 2 Mairch 1988
Merger o Whigs, Radicals, Peelites
Merged into Leeberal Democrats
Heidquarters Offices at the National Liberal Club, 1 Whitehall Place, Lunnon
Ideology Leeberalism (Breetish)
Internal factions:
 • Social leeberalism[1]
 • Classical liberalism
Poleetical poseetion Centre
Naitional affiliation SDP–Liberal Alliance (1981–88)
Internaitional affiliation Leeberal Internaitional (1947–88)
European affiliation Federation o European Leeberal Democrats (1976–88)
European Pairlament group Leeberal an Democratic Group (1976–85)
Leeberal an Democratic Reformist Group (1985–88)
Colours      Yellow

The Leeberal Pairty wis a poleetical pairty that, wi the Conservative Pairty, wis ane o the twa major pairties in the Unitit Kinrick in the nineteent an early twentiet century.[2]

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