Leeberal Democratic Pairty (Japan)

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Leeberal Democratic Pairty
PresesShinzō Abe
Secretar-GeneralShigeru Ishiba
SpokespersonYuriko Koike
Cooncillors leaderHidehisa Otsuji
Representatives leaderShinzō Abe
Foondit15 November 1955 (1955-11-15)
Heidquarters1-11-23 Nagata-cho,
Chiyoda, Tokyo,
Membership  (2012)789,000
Poleetical poseetionCentre-richt
Internaitional affiliationNone (umwhile
Democrat Union

an Warld League for
Freedom an Democracy
ColoursGreen an Blue
115 / 242
295 / 480
assembly members
1,271 / 2,725
assembly members
1,656 / 32,070

The Leeberal Democratic Pairty o Japan (自由民主党, Jiyū-Minshutō), frequently abbreviatit tae LDP, Jimintō (自民党) or Lib Dems, is a conservative[7] poleetical pairty in Japan. It is ane o the maist consistently successful poleetical pairties in the warld. The LDP haes been in pouer syne 1955, except for a brief 11 month period atween 1993 an 1994, an frae 2009 tae 2012. In the 2012 election it regained control o govrenment. It haulds 295 seats in the lawer hoose an 115 seats in the upper hoose.

The LDP is nae tae be confused wi the nou-defunct Leeberal Pairty (自由党, Jiyūtō), which merged wi the Democratic Pairty o Japan, the main opposeetion party, in November 2003.[8]

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