Lebanese Airmed Forces

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Lebanese Airmed Forces
القوات المسلحة اللبنانية
FoonditAugust 1, 1945
Current furm1983 an 1991
Service branchesLogo armée de terre Liban.jpg Lebanese Grund Forces
Lebanon Air Force seal.svg Lebanese Air Force
None.svg Lebanese Navy
HeidquartersYarze, Lebanon
Commander-in-chiefMichel Aoun
Meenister o DefenceElias Bou Saab
Commander o the Airmed ForcesJoseph Aoun
Militar age18–30 years of age for voluntary military service
ConscriptionNae (abolished in 2007)
Available for
militar service
1,106,879 males, age 18–49,
1,122,595 females, age 18–49
Fit for
militar service
934,828 males, age 18–49,
948,327 females, age 18–49
Active personnel72,000 (65,000 airmy, 5,000 navy, 2,000 air force)
Budget$2.5 billion (2018)[1]
Percent o GDP2.8%
Foreign suppliers Unitit States
 Unitit Kinrick
Relatit airticles

1948 Arab–Israeli War
1958 Lebanon creesis
The War ower Watter
Lebanese Ceevil War

Operation Dinnieh
Global War on Terrorism

RanksMilitar Ranks o Lebanon

The Lebanese Airmed Forces (LAF) (Arabic: القوات المسلحة اللبنانية | Al-Quwwāt al-Musallaḥa al-Lubnāniyya) or Forces Armées Libanaises (FAL) in French, an aw kent as the Lebanese Airmy[3] (Arabic: الجيش اللبناني or "Armée libanaise" in French), is the militar o the Lebanese Republic. It conseest o three branches, the airmy, the air force, an the navy. The motto o the Lebanese Airmed Forces is "Honor, Sacrifice, Loyalty" (Arabic: "شرف · تضحية · وفاء" - Sharaf.Tadhia.Wafa'). The Lebanese Airmed Forces seembol conseest o a Lebanon cedar tree surroondit bi twa laurel leaves, poseetioned abuin the seembols o the three branches: the grund forces representit bi the twa bayonets, the navy representit bi an anchor, an the air force representit bi twa weengs.

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