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Dante's Veesion o Rachel an LeahDante Gabriel Rossetti, 1855

Leah[lower-alpha 1] is descrived in the Ebreu Bible as the dochter o Laban. She an her younger sister Rachel becam the twa concurrent wives o Ebreu patriarch Jacob. She haed sax sons, that's descendants becam some o the Twal Tribes o Israel. She an aw haed a dochter, Dinah.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. (Ebreu: לֵאָה, Modren Lēʼa, Tiberian Lēʼā, ISO 259-3 Leˀa; Syriac: ܠܝܐ La'ya; frae 𒀖 littu Template:Language with name/for[1][2][3])

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