League o Naitions

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League o Naitions
Société des Nations  (French)
Sociedad de Naciones  (Spaingie)
League of Nations  (Inglis)
Intergovrenmental organisation

1939–41 semi-offeecial banner

Anachronous warld cairt shawin member states o the League o Naitions frae 1920 tae 1945
Caipital GenevaSwisserland[a]
Poleetical structure Intergovrenmental organisation
 -  1920–33 Sir James Eric Drummond
 -  1933–40 Joseph Avenol
 -  1940–46 Seán Lester
Deputy Secretar-General
 -  1919–23 Jean Monnet
 -  1923–33 Joseph Avenol
 -  1937–40 Seán Lester
Historical era Interwar period
 -  Treaty o Versailles 10 Januar 1920
 -  First meetin 16 Januar 1920
 -  Dissolved 20 Aprile 1946
a. ^ The heidquarters war based frae 1 November 1920 in the Palais Wilson in Geneva, Swisserland, an frae 17 Februar 1936 in the purpose biggit Palace o Naitions an aa in Geneva.

The League o Naitions (abbreviatit as LN, La Société des Nations [la sɔsjete de nɑsjɔ̃] abbreviatit as SDN or SdN in French) wis an intergovrenmental organisation foondit on 10 Januar 1920 as a result o the Paris Peace Conference that endit the First Warld War.