Lazarus o Bethany

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Saunt Lazarus o Bethany
Lazarus Athens.JPG
Christ's raisin o Lazarus, Athens, 12–13t century
Fower-days deid, Friend o Christ
Veneratit inEastren Orthodox Kirk
Oriental Orthodox Kirk
Roman Catholic Kirk
Eastren Catholic Kirks
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Kirk
AttributesWhiles vestit as an apostle, whiles as a beeshop. In the scene o his resurrection, he is portrayed tivhtly boond in mummified claes, that resemmle swaddlin baunds.

Lazarus o Bethany, an aw kent as Saunt Lazarus or Lazarus o the Fower Days, is the subject o a prominent miracle o Jesus in the Gospel o John, in that Jesus restores him to life fower days efter his daith. The Eastren Orthodox an Roman Catholic tradeetions offer varyin accoonts o the later events o his life.

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