Lawrence o Roum

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Saunt Lawrence
Lawrence afore Valerianus, detail frae a fresco bi Fra Angelico, c. 1447-1450, Pinacoteca Vaticana
Bornc. 225 AD
Osca, Hispania (nou modren-day Spain)
Dee'd258 AD 10 August
Veneratit inCatholic Kirk
Eastren Orthodoxy
Anglican Communion
Major shrineBasilica di San Lorenzo fuori le Mura in Roum
Feast10 August
AttributesUisually hauldin a gridairn an wearin a dalmatic
PatronageRoum, Rotterdam (Netherlands), Huesca (Spain), San Lawrenz, Gozo and Birgu (Malta), Barangay San Lorenzo San Pablo (Philippines), Canadae, Sri Lanka, comedians, librarians, students, miners, tanners, chefs, roasters, puir, firefichters

Lawrence o Roum (Laurence in the Anglican Communion) (Laitin: Laurentius, lit. "laurelled"; c. 225–258) wis ane o the seiven deacons o the ceety o Roum unner Pape Sixtus II wha war martyred during the persecution bi Emperor Valerian in 258.