Later Tang

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Tang / Later Tang

唐 / 後唐
     Later Tang 後唐
     Later Tang 後唐
Common leidsCheenese
• 923–926
Li Cunxu (Zhuangzong)
• 926–933
Li Siyuan (Mingzong)
• 933–934
Li Conghou
• 934–936
Li Congke
Historical eraFive Dynasties an Ten Kinricks Period
• Established in Daming
Mey 923
• Owerthrawn bi Khitan an Shi Jingtang
11 Januar 937
CurrencyCheenese cunyie, Chinese cash
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Later Liang
Umwhile Shu
Later Jìn2
Later Shu
The day pairt oCheenae
1.The precedin entity o the Later Tang wis the State o Jin, that wis established bi Li Keyong in 895 unner the Tang Dynasty an existit as a state in 907–923.
2.Wi the support o Liao Dynasty.

Tang, kent in history as Later Tang, wis a short-leeved imperial dynasty that lastit frae 923 tae 937 in the Five Dynasties an Ten Kinricks period in the history o Cheenae.[1]

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