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Tang / Later Tang
唐 / 後唐
     Later Tang 後唐
     Later Tang 後唐
Caipital Daming
Common leids Cheenese
Govrenment Monarchy
• 923–926
Li Cunxu (Zhuangzong)
• 926–933
Li Siyuan (Mingzong)
• 933–934
Li Conghou
• 934–936
Li Congke
Historical era Five Dynasties an Ten Kinricks Period
• Established in Daming
Mey 923
• Owerthrawn bi Khitan an Shi Jingtang
11 Januar 937
Currency Cheenese cunyie, Chinese cash
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Later Liang
Umwhile Shu
Later Jìn2
Later Shu
The day pairt o Cheenae
1.The precedin entity o the Later Tang wis the State o Jin, that wis established bi Li Keyong in 895 unner the Tang Dynasty an existit as a state in 907–923.
2.Wi the support o Liao Dynasty.

Tang, kent in history as Later Tang, wis a short-leeved imperial dynasty that lastit frae 923 tae 937 in the Five Dynasties an Ten Kinricks period in the history o Cheenae.[1]

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