Langues d'oïl

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Northren an central Fraunce, Belgium, Swisserland
Lingueestic clessificationIndo-European
Proto-leidAuld French
  • see ablo
The geografical spread o the Oïl leids (ither than French) can be seen in shades o green an yellae on this cairt

The langues d'oïl (French: [lɑ̃ɡᵊdɔjl]),[2] or oïl leids (an aa in French: langues d'oui [lɑ̃ɡᵊdwi]), are a dialect continuum that includes staundart French an its closest autochthonous relatives spoken the day in the northren hauf o Fraunce, soothren Belgium, an the Channel Islands. Thay belang tae the lairger Gallo-Romance leids, which an aa cover maist o east-central (Arpitania) an soothren Fraunce (Occitania), northren Italy an eastren Spain (Catalan Kintras).

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