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Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes by Carl Van Vechten 1936.jpg
1936 photo bi Carl Van Vechten
Born James Mercer Langston Hughes
1 Februar 1902(1902-02-01)
Joplin, Missouri, Unitit States
Dee'd 22 Mey 1967(1967-05-22) (aged 65)
New York Ceety, New York, Unitit States
Thrift Poet, columnist, dramatist, essayist, novelist
Ethnicity African American, White American, Native American
Period 1926–64

James Mercer Langston Hughes (Februar 1, 1902 – Mey 22, 1967) wis an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwricht, an columnist frae Joplin, Missouri.

He wis ane o the earliest innovators o the then-new leeterar airt form cried jazz poetry. Hughes is best kent as a leader o the Harlem Renaissance in New York Ceety. He famously wrote aboot the period that "the negro wis in vogue", which wis later paraphrased as "when Harlem wis in vogue".[1]

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