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Landscape o Cuesta del Obispo, Salta province (Argentinae).

Landscape comprises the visible features o an aurie o laund, includin the pheesical elements o laundforms sic as (ice-capped) muntains, hills, watter bodies sic as rivers, lochs, ponds an the sea, livin elements o laund cover includin indigenous vegetation, human elements includin different furms o laund uise, biggins an structurs, an transitory elements sic as lichtin an wather condeetions.

Combinin baith thair pheesical origins an the cultural owerlay o human presence, eften creatit ower millennia, landscapes reflect the livin synthesis o fowk an place vital tae local an naitional identity. Landscapes, thair character an quality, help define the self-image o a region, its sense o place that differentiates it frae ither regions. It is the dynamic backdrop tae fowk’s lives.

The Yird haes a vast range o landscapes includin the icy landscapes o polar regions, muntainous landscapes, vast arid desert landscapes, islands an coastal landscapes, densely forested or widdit landscapes includin past boreal forests an tropical rainforests, an agricultural landscapes o temperate an tropical regions.

Landscape mey be faur reviewed unner the follaein specific categories: landscape airt, cultural landscape, landscape ecology, landscape planning, landscape assessment an landscape design. The activity that modifies the veesible features o an aurie o laund is named Landscapin.