Laccadive Sea

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(Reguidit frae Lakshadweep Sea)
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Laccadive Sea
Indian subcontinent CIA.png
Teep Sea
Basin kintras Indie, Sri Lanka, Maldives
Surface aurie 786,000 km2 (303,500 sq mi)
Average deepth 1,929 m (6,329 ft)
Max. deepth 4,131 m (13,553 ft)
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The Laccadive Sea or Lakshadweep Sea (Malayalam: ലക്ഷദ്വീപ കടല്‍) is a body o watter borderin Indie (includin its Lakshadweep islands), the Maldives, an Sri Lanka. It is locatit tae the wast o Kerala. This wairm sea haes a stable watter temperatur through the year an is rich in marine life, wi the Gulf o Mannar alone hostin aboot 3,600 species.

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