Lairge Magellanic Clood

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Lairge Magellanic Cloud
The Lairge Magellanic Cloud
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Constellation Dorado/Mensa
Richt ascension 05h 23m 34.5s[1]
Declination −69° 45′ 22″[1]
Distance 163.0 kly (49.97 kpc)[2]
Teep SB(s)m[1]
Size (ly) 14,000 ly in diameter
(~4.3 kpc)[3]
Apparent dimensions (V) 10.75° × 9.17°[1]
Apparent magnitude (V) 0.9[1]
Ither designations
LMC, ESO 56- G 115, PGC 17223,[1] Nubecula Major[4]
See an aa: Galaxy, Leet o galaxies

The Lairge Magellanic Clood (LMC) is a satellite galaxy o the Milky Way.[5]

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Coordinates: Sky map 05h 23m 34.5s, −69° 45′ 22″