Lady Angellyca

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Lady Angellyca is the lead sangster an co-foonder o the Spaingie gothic metal baund Forever Slave. She is an' a' a model, Gothic an fetish, composer, graphic airtist an sangwriter o the group.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lady Angellyca stairtit composin muisic wi her classical guitar at the age o thirteen. Then, when she wis aichteen years she haes swapped her classic guitar against an electric guitar an began sangin in complete sel-taught. She then spent a year in the choir in her hometoun, Valencia, an then she spent twa years sangin the classic rock academy. Then she startit workin the sang modren (pop / jazz / soul) wi twa teachers, which, in return, she learned tae paint, draw, haein been an airt teacher.