Lada Riva

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Lada Riva

The VAZ-2105, VAZ-2104 an VAZ-2107 (collectively kent as the Lada Riva in the Unitit Kinrick an the Lada Nova in much o continental Europe) are a series o compact caurs o Zhiguli brand biggit bi Roushie caur manufacturer AvtoVAZ, introduced in 1980 in the Soviet Union, an progressively in ither European markets throu the early 1980s an sauld in sedan an station wagon versions. AvtoVAZ cars are currently branded as Ladas.

The day, thay are generally referred tae as the Lada Classic series, bein derived frae the oreeginal Fiat 124 platform which haes been the nou-iconic mainstay o the AvtoVAZ lineup syne the company's foondation in the late 1960s. The production in Roushie ended atween 2010 an 2012 but the Lada 2107 remained in production in Egyp until 2015.

It is the third best selling automobile platform efter the Volkswagen Beetle an the Ford Model T, an ane o the langest production run platforms alongside the Volkswagen Beetle, the Hindustan Ambassador an the Volkswagen Teep 2.