Lactose intolerance

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Lactose intolerance
SynonymsLactase deficiency, hypolactasia, alactasia
Lactose Haworth.svg
Lactose is made up o two simple sugars
SymptomsAbdominal pain, bloatin, diarrhoea, gas, nausea[1]
ComplicationsDaes nae cause damage tae the GI tract[2]
Uisual onset30–120 min efter dairy products[1]
CausesDecreased abeelity tae digeest lactose (genetic, smaw intestine injur)[1]
Diagnostic methodSymptoms resolve follaein eliminatin lactose[1]
Seemilar condeetionsIrritable bouel syndrome, coeliac disease, inflammatory bouel disease, milk allergy[1]
TreatmentDecreasin lactose in the diet, lactase supplements, treat the unnerleein cause[1]
Frequency10% (Northren Europe) tae 95% (pairts o Asie an Africae)[3]

Lactose intolerance is a condeetion in that fowk hae symptoms due tae the decreased ability tae digeest lactose, a succar foond in dairy products.[1]

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