La Seu d'Urgell

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La Seu d'Urgell
Seu d'Urgell Cathedral
Seu d'Urgell Cathedral
La Seu d'Urgell is located in Spain
La Seu d'Urgell
La Seu d'Urgell
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 42°22′N 1°27′E / 42.367°N 1.450°E / 42.367; 1.450Coordinates: 42°22′N 1°27′E / 42.367°N 1.450°E / 42.367; 1.450
Kintra Spain
Commonty Catalonie
ComarcaAlt Urgell
 • MayorAlbert Batalla i Siscart (CIU)
 • Total15.44 km2 (5.96 sq mi)
691 m (2,267 ft)
 • Total12,986
 • Density840/km2 (2,200/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Urgellenc, urgellenca
or Urgellès, urgellesa
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

La Seu d'Urgell (Catalan: [ɫə ˈsɛw ðurˈʒeʎ], locally: [la ˈsɛw ðuɾˈdʒeʎ]; Spaingie: Seo de Urgel, formerly in Catalan: Urgell[1]) is a toun locatit in the Catalan Pyrenees in Spain. La Seu d'Urgell is the caipital o the comarca Alt Urgell an aw, heid o the judicial destrict o la Seu d'Urgell an the seat o Bishop o Urgell, ane o the Andorrae co-princes. It is in the destrict o Alt Pirineu i Aran (Heich Pyrenees an Aran), an is the toun wi the maist indwallers, haein 17.4% o the destrict population. La Seu d'Urgell an Puigcerdà thegither hae 30% o the population o the aurie.[2]

It is locatit at the confluence o the Segre an the Valira rivers.[3] The ceety is in the local region o Urgellet,[4] a Pyrenean region shapit bi 16 municipalities o Alt Urgell. Urgellet an Andorrae wur the oreeginar Coonty o Urgell wi caipital in la Seu d'Urgell afore the coonty expansion tae the sooth.[5]

Alt Urgell is the gatewey tae the state o Andorrae an the proximity tae this important population centre an economic activity is lairgely ane o the raisons for the current drive o the ceety o la Seu d'Urgell athin Alt Pirineu i Aran.[6]

The toun's patron saunts are Saunt Ot o Urgell,[7] Saunt Sebastian, an the Virgin o Urgell.[8] While the Virgin o Núria an Sant Ermengol[9] are the main patrons o the diocese o Urgell. Sant Ermengol is the maist prominent in the ceety than ither patrons. Probably that's why thare are various events throuoot the year dedicatit tae Sant Ermengol, sic as the Sant Ermengol Fair, ane o the auldest in Catalonie,[10] an the altarpiece o Sant Ermengol.

The Parc Olímpic del Segre, biggit in 1992 for the Barcelona Simmer Olympic Gemmes, is a pump-driven canoe an kayak sports venue locatit adjacent tae the historical centre o la Seu d'Urgell.

Name oreegins[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name la Seu d'Urgell, in Laitin Sedes Urgelli, is shapit bi twa different wirds: Seu frae the Laitin "Sedes", or seat, an Urgell a pre-Roman name. Joan Coromines, a linguist, interprets that the name is relatit tae the presence o watter.[11]

The Iberian dounset o Arse-durgui (or Arse d'Urgui) wis on the hill o Castellciutat. At that time the hill wis cried Puiolo Urgelli. Whaur thare wis the veelage o Arse-durgui thay biggit the ceety o Urgell (in Laitin civitas Orgellia an in Catalan ciutat d'Urgell) an here lees the oreegin o the name Castellciutat. Till the aichteent hunderyear the toun wis kent simply as "Ciutat" (Ceety in Scots) an Castell (Castle) wis addit acause the existence o a auncient castle that wis hame o the Coonts o Urgell.

Shortly efter the destruction o the umwhile Orgellia it wis creatit a new neebourheid, new hame o the Diocese o Urgell, cried vicus Sedes Urgelli denotes that the toun is the episcopal see o the Bishop o Urgell.

Ower time, Sedes Urgelli teuk importance an lost the wird vicus (denotes that it wis a destrict) while civitas Orgellia lost the wird Orgellia an becomes simply Civitas till the 18t hunderyear.[5]

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

Owerview frae Vilanova de Banat, showin the plana de la Seu, pla de les Forques, Castellciutat an ither neebourheids.
View o La Seu d'Urgell frae the Touer o Solsona.

The ceety is at the confluence o twa rivers, the Segre an Gran Valira, locatit in a plain 7 km lang an 691 meters heich surroondit bi heich mountains, sic as the Cadí moontain range. The plain is cried plana de la Seu an wis formed bi the Segre river.

Acause it is locatit at ane o the major crossroads o communication in the Catalan Pyrenees, la Seu d'Urgell haes haed a unique an historic role in the coonty o Urgell. The roads tae Andorrae, Cerdanya an the law Segre aw converge on la Seu d'Urgell.

Parallel tae the Valira river rises a muntain range, whaur staund the remains o twa great fortresses, the Ciutadella an Ciutat Castle (in Castellciutat), baith o historic importance in the toun. Smaw banks or open plains aroond the Segre are separatit bi gorges.

In the north, La Seu d'Urgell haes borders wi the municipality o les Valls de Valira, tae the wast wi Montferrer i Castellbò whaur thare is La Seu d'Urgell Airport (kent as Andorra-Pirineus airport an aw), tae the sooth-wast wi Ribera d'Urgellet, tae the sooth-east wi Alàs i Cerc, an tae the north-east wi Estamariu.[12]

The municipality includes a smaw exclave tae the east.

La Seu d'Urgell municipality[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Bell-lloc.
  • Castellciutat (a veelage).
  • Les Torres.
  • La Seu d'Urgell destricts:
    • Sant Antoni.
    • Sant Pere.
    • Poble-sec.
    • La Seu d'Urgell:
      • Santa Magdalena.
      • Serrat de la Capella.
      • Eixample Bergós (nan-offeecial).
      • Casc antic (Toun center historic destrict in Scots) (nan-offeecial).
Cairt o the municipality o la Seu d'Urgell.

Fairs, festivals an mercats[eedit | eedit soorce]

Despite the law population density o Alt Pirineu i Aran, the aurie hosts 6.6% o the exhibitions an ither ceevic activities in Catalonie.[13] In la Seu d'Urgell, thare are numerous fairs an markets throughout the year:

  • Tradeetional mercat takes place ivery Tuesday an Seturday in the Main Street.
  • Fira de Sant Ermengol, documentit as the auldest o Spain,[10] held on the third weekend o October.
  • Fira de Formatges Artesans del Pirineu (cheese fair o Pyrenean artisans).
  • Ware Fair held in Apryle an includes a exhibition o the best ensaumples o Vaca bruna dels Pirineus, a cou frae Pyrenees.
  • Fira d'Airt, a airt exhibition, held syne 2007.
  • Mercat Medieval dels Canonges: a festival o street muisic, theater, circus, falconery an auld offices.
  • Mercat de les Opportunitats is held twice a year.
  • Internaitional Muisic Festival Joan Brudieu began in 1969 an is held in Julie an August.

Attractions[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Kirk monuments:
    • Santa Maria d'Urgell, cathedral o la Seu d'Urgell, in the square o Oms.
    • Closters o the cathedral o Urgell.
    • Diocese o Urgell Museum. It hooses the Urgell Beatus illuminatit manuscript.
    • Palau Episcopal de la Seu d'Urgell (Episcopal Palace), the palace courtyard.
    • Librar o Sant Agustí, current municipal librar whaur thare wis the auld convent o Sant Agustí.
    • Kirk o Sant Miquel alang the closter o Santa Maria d'Urgell is the anerly biggin that remains o the cathedral complex biggit bi Saunt Ermengol that dates frae the year 1035.
    • Auld Kirk o Santa Immaculada an futur conference room.
    • Auld Kirk o Sant Domènec, a Gothic biggin. It is uised for conferences an exhibeetions.
    • Kirk o Santa Magdalena, the maist important kirk frae the social pynt o view.
    • Seminari conciliar. Tae the north o the ceety, it is surroondit bi a lairge courtyard biggin wi a monumental facade featurin a neo-Romanesque design. Built in 1860 bi Roman Samson.
Canonges street.
  • Auld Toun, or historic center, whaur thare are Canonges street an the Main Street, baith o heich airchitectural value, in addeetion tae the courtyard o the Palau an square Oms whaur thare are the Ceety Haw. The Passeig de Joan Brudieu, the centre o la Seu d'Urgell, is ane o the maist important streets an divides the auld toun an the new ane.
  • Castellciutat veelage, haes panoramic views ower the Touer o Solsona, the castel an Ciutadella.
  • Eddicational Centers
    • Cultural Center "Les Monges" (The Nuns), thare are the schuils o dance, muisic an plastic airts in addeetion tae municipal bairn care, a centre o UNED.
    • IES Joan Brudieu: Institute for seicontar eddication, heich schuil.
  • Cadí-Moixeró Natural Pairk

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

At its artificial whitewatter course, Parc Olímpic del Segre, the toun hostit the canoe slalom events for the 1992 Simmer Olympics in neebourin Barcelona. It hostit the ICF Canoe Slalom Warld Championships in 1999 an again in 2009.

Demografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

1900 1930 1950 1970 1986 2008
3520 4584 7062 9404 n/a 12986

Incorporation o the municipality o les Torres (1857), Castellciutat (1975).

Heichest summits[eedit | eedit soorce]

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