La Brabançonne

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La Brabançonne
Cover o a score o the Brabançonne, datit aroond 1910

Naitional anthem o

LeericsAlexandre Dechet an Constantin Rodenbach (oreeginal version, 1830)
Charles Rogier (current version, 1860)
MuisicFrançois Van Campenhout, September 1830
Adoptit1860, current text in 1921
Audio saumple
The Brabançonne (Instrumental)

The "Brabançonne" (French: [bʁabɑ̃sɔn]) is the naitional anthem o Belgium. The oreeginally-French teetle refers tae Brabant; the name is mainteened untranslatit in Belgium's ither twa offeecial leids, Dutch an German.[1]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In Scots, ane mey refer tae Brabant bi the adjectives Brabantine or Brabantian, but anly the latter term is (nearly) as general as French "Brabançon", which can an aa be a substantive for e.g. the dialect, a man, or a horse or its breed frae Brabant. In French, "Brabançonne" is the feminine gender o adjective "Brabançon" an matches the precedin definite airticle "la", thus micht fit an implee'd e.g. "chanson", ('sang') (cf. the offeecial name o the French hymn: "la Marseillaise", "(sang) haein tae dae with the ceety o Marseille"). But neither the female definite airticle in German "die Brabançonne" nor the male "den Brabançonne" in Brabantian aka Brabantine dialects of Dutch can fit 'sang', which is "Lied" in German an "lied" in Dutch, baith o neutre genus. In the day's staundart Dutch, "de Brabançonne" disna betray whether the gender is male or female, but canna be uised for a neuter substantive either, an referrin tae "de Brabançonne" bi "hij" confirms the male interpretation o Dutch dialects. For the anthem name in Scots, as in Dutch, German, an o coorse French, Brabançonne can be conseedert a proper noon.