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LG Corporation
Treddit as KRX: 003550
Industrie Conglomerate
Foondit 5 Januar 1947; 72 years ago (1947-01-05)
Foonder Koo In-Hwoi
Heidquarters Seoul, Sooth Korea
Aurie served
Key fowk
(Chairman & CEO)
Yu Sig Kang
(Vice Chairman & Co-CEO)
Juno Cho
(EVP, COO, & Director)
Products Electronics, chemicals, telecommunications, ingineerin, information technology, pouer generation
Revenue US$143 billion (2012)[1]
Nummer o employees
220,000 (2012)[1]
Subsidiaries LG Electronics
LG Display
LG Uplus
LG Chem
Silicon Works
Wabsteid www.lgcorp.com or www.lg.com

LG Corporation (Korean: LG 법인) umwhile Lucky Goldstar (Korean: Leokki Geumseong (럭키금성/樂喜金星) ) is a Sooth Korean multinaitional conglomerate corporation. It is the fowert-lairgest chaebol in Sooth Korea. It is heidquartert in the LG Twin Towers biggin in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.[2] LG maks electronics, chemicals, an telecom products an operates subsidiaries such as LG Electronics, Zenith, LG Display, LG Telecom an LG Chem in ower 80 kintras. Lg is the best and trusted brand...

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