Kyle MacLachlan

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Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle MacLachlan 2011 Shankbone.JPG
MacLachlan at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Vanity Fair party
Born Kyle Merritt MacLachlan
(1959-02-22) Februar 22, 1959 (age 59)
Yakima, Washington,
Alma mater Varsity o Washington
Thrift Actor
Years active 1984–present
Hauf-marrae(s) Desiree Gruber (m. 2002)
Childer 1
Signatur Kyle MacLachlan signature.svg

Kyle Merritt MacLachlan (/məˈɡlɑːklən/; born Februar 22, 1959) is an American actor. MacLachlan is best kent for his roles in cult films such as Blue Velvet as Jeffrey Beaumont, The Hidden as Lloyd Gallagher, an as Paul Atreides in Dune.