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Kyle Holbrook is a American muralist an activist best kent for his street airt in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie an Miami, Florida.

Youth an eddication[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kyle Holbrook wis raised in the Wilkinsburg neebourheid o Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie,[1] whaur he wis exposit tae gang violence durin heich schuil seicontar. He haes statit that this upbringin inspired his efforts tae employ local teenagers durin his public mural projects.[2] Holbrook later attendit the Art Institute of Pittsburgh whaur in 2002 he earned a degree in graphic design.[3][4]

Airtwork[eedit | eedit soorce]

Holbrook’s first works wur pentit on the biggins o the commonties o the Pittsburgh Housing Authority, commercial biggins in the Pittsburgh aurie, an the Port Authority.[3] An early commission included a 65-fit mural in the aurie o the Monroeville Mall.[5] In 2005 Holbrook co-producit the Martin Luther King mural wi airtists Chris Savido an George Gist at the corner o Wid Street an Franklin Avenue. The location is nearbi whaur several o Holbrook’s bairnheid friends wur murthert.[6] Holbrook’s mural We Fall Down but We Get Back up, locatit on Paulson Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie, wis peentit in 2008, an incorporates the faces o the commonty activists that lobbied the ceety for the mural’s public creation.[1] Holbrook haes peentit mair nor twa hunder murals in the City of Pittsburgh,[6] some done throu his company KH Design.[7] He haes pentit several murals in Lunnon in 2015.[8]

Filanthropy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Syne 2002 Holbrook haes servit as the executive director an CEO o MLK Mural, kent as “Moving the Lives of Kids Mural Project” an aw,[9][10] a youth organisation that brings mural work tae Black commonties in the Unitit States an abroad.[11] MLK Mural pays its youth participants[12] wi its grant money.[13] An ensaumple o its projects wis The Broken Windows Project, whaur 75 abandoned an unneruised biggins in the Hill Destrict o Pittsburgh wur pentit in murals bi 200 local students led bi a tea o airtists.[14]

Holbrook led the Martin Luther Keeng Jr. East Busway Community Mural Project in 2008, whaute 100 students helpit tae pent twinty-sax murals throuoot the aicht neebourheids throu which the bus route exists.[15][16][17] Bi 2009 the organisation haed creatit mair nor 100 public murals.[9] The organisation opened a office in Miami in 2010, creatin fifty murals in the ceety aurie bi 2015.[18] Ither locations the organisation haes creatit work include Detroit, Atlanta, Brazil, Haiti,[19] Uganda, an Portugal. Holbrook sits on the buird o the August Wilson Center for African American Cultur.[12]

Films[eedit | eedit soorce]

Holbrook directit the film Art of Life in 2013.[11]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]