Kura River

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Kura River
Mtskheta, Mtkvari and Aragvi 2, Georgia.jpg
At Mtskheta, Georgie
Name oreegin: Relatit tae the name o Cyrus the Great
Kintras Turkey, Georgie, Azerbaijan
Region Caucasus
Pairt o Caspian Sea basin
 - left Liakhvi, Aragvi, Iori, Alazani
 - right Algeti, Khrami, Tartarchay, Aras
Ceeties Khashuri, Gori, Tbilisi, Rustavi, Mingachevir, Zardab, Sabirabad, Neftçala
Soorce Lesser Caucasus
 - location Near Kartsakhi Lake, Kars, Turkey
 - elevation 2,740 m (8,990 ft) [1]
 - coordinates 40°40′31″N 42°44′32″E / 40.67528°N 42.74222°E / 40.67528; 42.74222
Mooth Caspian Sea
 - location Neftçala, Neftchala Rayon, Azerbaijan
 - elevation −26.5 m (−87 ft) [2]
 - coordinates 39°19′32″N 49°20′07″E / 39.32556°N 49.33528°E / 39.32556; 49.33528Coordinates: 39°19′32″N 49°20′07″E / 39.32556°N 49.33528°E / 39.32556; 49.33528
Lenth 1,515 km (941 mi) [3]
Basin 198,300 km2 (76,564 sq mi) [4]
Discharge for directly dounstream frae Aras River confluence
 - average 443 m3/s (15,644 cu ft/s) [5]
 - max 2,250 m3/s (79,458 cu ft/s) [6]
 - min 206 m3/s (7,275 cu ft/s) [6]
Kura River Basin

Kura River ([Կուր, Kur] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help); Azerbaijani: Kür; Ancient Greek: Cyrus; Georgie: [მტკვარი, Mt'k'vari] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help); Kurdish: rûbara kur‎; Turkis: Kura)[7][8] is an east-flowin river sooth o the Greater Caucasus Moontains which drains the soothren slopes o the Greater Caucasus east intae the Caspian Sea. It an aa drains the north side o the Lesser Caucasus while its main tributary, the Aras drains the sooth side o those moontains. Stairtin in northeastren Turkey, it flows throu Turkey tae Georgie, then tae Azerbaijan, whaur it receives the Aras as a richt tributary, an enters the Caspian Sea. The tot lenth o the river is 1,515 kilometre (941 mi).

Fowk hae inhabitit the Caucasus region for thoosands o years, an first established agricultur in the Kura Valley ower 4,500 years ago. Lairge, complex ceevilizations eventually grew up on the river, but bi 1200 CE, maist wur reduced tae ruin bi naitural disasters an foreign invaders. The increasin human uise, an eventual damage, o the wattershed’s forests an grasslands contreibutit tae a risin intensity o fluids throu the 20t century. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union stairtit biggin mony dams an canals on the river. Previously navigable up tae Tbilisi in Georgie, it is nou much slower an shallaer, as its pouer haes been harnessed bi hydroelectric pouer stations. The river is nou moderately pollutit bi major industrial centers lik Tbilisi an Rustavi in Georgie.

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